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Toyota Diesel Oil Filter 3/4 X 16 Thread L 2L 3L 5L B 2B 3B F 3F

Toyota Diesel Oil Filter 3/4 X 16 Thread L 2L 3L 5L B 2B 3B F 3F
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Toyota Diesel Oil Filter 3/4 X 16 Thread
L 2L 2LT 3V 4V 4VU 4VEU 5VEU 2LTE 2B 3B 3F 2LTHE 4M 3L B 11B 13B 13BT 14B 2J 5L 5LE F 18R FZFE 2J

This filter fits many applications, please check list below to verify the fitment for your vehicle application.
Toyota part number 15600-41010 / 90915-TD004 / 90915-40002

Toyota made several sizes of oil filters for the same applications please insure your filter is this size to insure proper fitment of this replacement filter.
Inner Thread 3/4 x 16 Outer Diameter 3.76 inch Length 4.70 inch

1980-89 Blizzard: Frame LD10 LD20 LD21 Engine L 2L 2LT
1967-97 Century: Frame VG20 VG21 VG30 VG35 VG40 VG45 Engine 3V 4V 4VU 4VEU 5VEU
1980-88 Chaser: Frame LX60 LX65 LX70 Engine L 2LT 2LTE
1977-18 Coaster: Frame BB10 BB11 BB20 BB21 BB26 BB30 BB31 BB32 BB36 BB40 BB42 BB46 BB60 FB30
Engine 2B 3B 3F 14B
1980-88 Cressida / Cressida Wagon: Frame LX60 LX70 LX71 LX80 Engine L 2L 2LT
1983-88 Cresta: Frame LX60 LX70 Engine L 2LT
1974-95 Crown / Majesta: Frame LS110 LS111 LS117 LS120 LS126 LS130 LS136 MS83 MS85 MS88 MS95
Engine L 2L 2LT 2LTE 2LTHE 4M
1985-01 Dyna 100: Frame LH80 LY100 Engine 2L
1985-01 Dyna 150 / Toyoace G15: Frame LY101 LY111 LY121 LY131 LY151 LY161 LY201 LY211 LY60 LY61
Engine 2L 3L
1987-02 Dyna 200 Toyoace G25: Frame BU100 BU101 BU105 BU111 BU120 BU140 BU141 BU145 BU211 BU212
BU221 BU60 BU61 BU62 BU65 BU66 BU67 BU70 BU79 BU80 BU81 BU82 BU83 BU84 BU85 BU86 BU87 BU88
BU89 BU91 BU92 BU93 BU94 BU96 Engine B 3B 11B 13B 14B 14BT 15BFT
1977-18 Dyna / Toyoace: Frame BU20 BU21 BU22 BU23 BU25 BU30 BU303 BU31 BU32 BU33 BU34 BU343 BU35
BU36 BU37 BU40 BU41 BU45 BU46 BU50 BU51 BU60 BU61 BU62 BU63 BU64 BU65 BU68 BU70 BU75 BU76 BU77
BU80 BU81 BU82 BU83 BU85 BU86 BU90 BU93 BU95 BU98 JU20 LY220 LY230 LY235
Engine B 2B 3B 11B 13B 13BT 14B 2J 5L
2006-18 Fortuner: Frame LAN155 LAN50 Engine 5LE
1969-82 Heavy Duty Truck: Frame FA100 FA110 FA115 FB100 FC100 Engine F
1979-18 Hiace: Frame LH102 LH103 LH109 LH11 LH113 LH115 LH119 LH123 LH125 LH129 LH172 LH20 LH200 LH202
LH212 LH222 LH24 LH30 LH50 LH50G LH50V LH51 LH51G LH51V LH56 LH56V LH60 LH60B LH60G LH60V LH61 LH61B
LH61G LH61V LH61VH LH66 LH66V LH70 LH70B LH70V LH71 LH71B LH71V LH80 LH85
Engine L 2L 2LT 3L 5L 5LE
1982-96 Hiace Truck: Frame LH24 LH80 LH85 LH90 LH95 LY101 LY111 LY151 LY161 Engine L 2L 3L
1989-93 Hilux Surf / 4Runner: Frame LN131 Engine 3L
1979-18 Hilux / 4Runner Truck: Frame LAN125 LAN15 LAN25 LAN35 LN100 LN106 LN107 LN109 LN145 LN147 LN150
LN152 LN155 LN166 LN167 LN171 LN172 LN191 LN200 LN205 LN30 LN36 LN40 LN41 LN46 LN50 LN51 LN55 LN56
LN57 LN60 LN61 LN65 LN67 LN80 LN81 LN85 LN86 LN90 LN91 RN46 Engine 18R L 2L 2LT 3L 5L 5LE
2002-05 Innova Kijang Revo Unser Zace: Frame LF82 Engine 2L
1969-09 Land Cruiser: Frame BJ40 BJ41 BJ42 BJ43 BJ44 BJ45 BJ46 BJ60 BJ61 BJ70 BJ71 BJ73 BJ74 BJ75 FJ40 FJ42
FJ43 FJ45 FJ55 FJ56 FJ60 FJ61 FJ62 FJ62G FJ62V FJ70 FJ73 FJ75 FJ80 FZJ100 FZJ71 FZJ74 FZJ76 FZJ78 FZJ79
LJ70 LJ71 LJ72 LJ73 LJ79 Engine B 2B 3B13BT F 2F 3F 3FE1FZFE 2L 2LT 3L
1996-18 Land Cruiser Prado: Frame LJ120 LJ125 LJ150 LJ90 LJ95 Engine 3L 5LE
1995-98 Lexus LX: Frame FZJ80 Engine 1FZFE
1980-94 Mark 2: Frame LX60 LX65 LX67 LX70 LX76 Engine L 2LT 2LTE
1981-83 Pickup: Frame LN40 Engine L
1999-04 Qualis: Frame LF50 Engine 2L
1995-99 Quick Delivery / Urban Supporter: Frame BU86 LH81 LY151 Engine 3B 3L
1985-95 Toyoace / Dyna: Frame LY50 LY51 LY60 LY61 Engine 2L 3L
1972-85 Toyoace / Townace / Masterace / Liteace: Frame BY30 BY31 JY16 JY30 LY20 LY21 LY30 LY31 Engine B 2J L 2L