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Silicone air intake boot

Silicone Air Intake Boot
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Silicone Air Intake Boot  

For those looking for a clean looking intake system we recommend that an air box from a 1992 thru 1994 SC400 be used. This air box is small enough to fit the engine bay and make your install look factory. Once the air box is installed you will need a pipe to connect the AFM to the throttle body. For that we have a custom fit silicone elbow. This elbow is made of the highest silicone available and comes with stainless steel band clamps These aren’t your auto parts store clamps that swell  and pinch the hose. Our clamps supply full clamping pressure around the whole hose, so no air leaks unfiltered into your engine. This elbow is contoured to slide onto the AFM with ease and then provide a nice snug fit onto the throttle body. Best of all it looks great!!!! The SC box requires slight modification with trimming before it will fit correctly.