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High Pressure Fuel Hose 5VZ/3RZ to 1Uz Conversion to Fuel Rail

1UZ to 5VZ/3RZ standard high pressure hose
Our Price: $114.99

Product Code: 572001


Fuel Lines

Braided Stainless fuel line. After you have put your engine in your Toyota you will find that the fuel inlet line is down on the passenger side frame rail. The fuel inlet on the 1UZ is on the driver side of the engine. We have designed a hose that will thread into the stock Toyota fuel line and also thread into the stock fuel inlet on the 1UZ side. In some instance’s Toyota used a union down on the passenger side frame rail. You will need to make sure you have a male side 14M nut on the fuel line. This fuel line will work for those who have inline filters such as the V6 model Toyota. If your rig was originally a 4cyl truck then you will need the line that has a built in Fuel Lab 10 micron rebuildable filter.

Note: The original hard line on the 3VZ vehicles varies between Male, Female and Male w/ a F-F union. You will need to check and see what fitting your original hard line has in place. If you have a F end or M end w/ a Union from the factory, then the standard hose will
work. If you have a Male end only, you will also need a F-F union. This union now comes standard with every purchase.